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The latest shipment of Super Shiny bottles have been printed as normal, indicating a volume of 15 ml. We regret to state that the new bottles can only safely hold 13.5 ml. The 10% reduction in volume will also have a reduced price of 10% to you. By purchasing Super Shiny at a reduced price, you acknowledge that you understand that the actual volume of Super Shiny in the bottle is only 13.5 ml. The products affected are: 15 ml Super Shiny

Super Shiny is a UV/LED-cured gel used as a stain-resistant top coat that cures to a high shine and gives the fingernail a polished, finished appearance. Enjoy weeks of durability and shine that lasts and lasts.


✅ Stain resistant! Indestructible hard gel resists stains from hair color and other contaminants.

✅ Will never discolor, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight or tanning beds. No yellowing!

✅ Stays shiny until you file it off.

✅ Formulated with high-quality resins that prevent cracking and chipping.

✅ Formulated using oligomers that result in a safe and hypoallergenic product for clients. No HEMA or HEA monomers!

✅ Available in 15 ml and 60 ml refill sizes